Jul 18, 2019
few clouds
UnionPay QR code Payment Promotion
From 18 July to 7 Aug 2019 (22:59), settle payment with UnionPay QR code (incl. UnionPay APP and BoC Pay APP), enjoy HK$10 off with purchase over HK$25*. *Terms and conditions apply.
「BoC Pay」Limited Offer
Enjoy $50 for first registration / binding of 「BoC Pay」. Download now!
Healthy vibes
*NUTURI GRAB’s fruit oatmeal and mixed oatmeal are both delivered directly from Korea, with crunchy cereal ,it is more nutritious! *TAIMATSU’s INSTANT RICE-16 MIXED GRAIN is delivered directly from Japan. With sixteen different kinds of grains, it is nutritious and tasty. You could eat it right after you microwave it, which is convenient!
Korean snack
BINGGREA’s crab shape chips are delivered directly from Korea. It is Korea’s national snack! It is not fried in oil but baked with heated salt for a more crunchy and clean taste. With this unique flavor and cute shape, I will definitely try it!
Newest!! ♥ Japanese Bowl Noodles♥
A new series of Cup Noodles from Japan are available in Circle K. Tender Noodles with Rich Soup :) Limited quantity while stock last.
Newest!!【Salt Baked Chicken Leg】❤
A new memeber joins our chicken leg series, 【Salt Baked Chicken Leg】. Still tender and juicy after reheating !!! So yummy!
Neweset!! Japanese Roasting Chicken Soba
Enjoy a cool Japanese style Roasted Chicken Soba in hot summer is wonderful~ Served with authentic Japanese soba sauce is yummy !
★stir-fried noodles ★Summer taste
New flavor of stir-fried noodles is coming to town. Stir-fried noodles served with chicken and sesame sauce. This is a refreshing flavor for hot summer. Yummy~~