May 24, 2019
light rain
BOC Visa Credit Card mobile payment promotion
From 1 May (07:00) to 30 Jun 2019, upon single net spending of HK$28 or above via designated mobile payment with BOC Visa Credit Card to enjoy $10 instant discount. (Visa $5 off is included). *Terms and conditions apply.
Visa mobile payment promotion
From 1 May (7:00) to 30 Jun 2019, tap to pay with Visa using your mobile to enjoy HK$5 off with net purchase over HK$28*. *Terms and conditions apply.
Newest★Fresh Fruits★
You can enjoy fresh fruits in Circle K now~~ Fruits cup (Cantaloupe, Honeydew Melon, Pineapple), pineapple stick and banana from Philippines. RSP:$13.5
Newest! 【Rice Noodles】
Having rice is too heavy in hot summer, let's try something new, light and delicious. "Pickles & shredded pork rice noodles" and "Spare Ribs with black bean sauce rice noodles".
Newest!【Curry Cuttlefish】
A brand new item in hot&in steam station, 【Curry Cuttlefish】. Famous and delicious street snack. You can enjoy it anytime at your nearby hot and in Conter at Circle K.
So Special 【Japanese Alcoholic Drinks】
Selectively picked 8 famous Japanese Alcoholic Drinks to you. These two items are particularly well known and yummy.
Japanese-Matcha Pudding Ice Bar
Wow! Japanese icecream is really amazing! Have you ever tried the ice bar with pudding texture? 【Matcha Pudding Ice Bar】 Matcha flavor is strong, Pudding tastes smooth ~ very special texture *V* Matcha fans never miss it! Happiness UP!
[Newest] Uji Matcha Chocolate Cake
Uji Matcha is really fascinating~ Introduce [Baibang Mini Uji Matcha Chocolate Cake] to you~a mini triangle cake, fragrant green tea flavored cake with chocolate outer layer, just fit for afternoon tea ~ Yum!!
【Newest】Spicy Chips ~
★Yamayoshi Beef Pepper Chips: One of the hottest in the world - Havana peppers, hot and spicy lovers must try!! ★You can also try the Huchiwu pepper-flavored potato chips - Sweet and sour sauce with spicy pepper, spicy food to stop to mouth>V<