Monchhichi premium★Let’s play together!
A set of 12 pieces of Monchhichi premium, they are board game and also calendar~ The style and costume is super cute and funny. Monchhichi figurine can be put on desk as decoration ;) Collect the whole set as soon as possible~
❤Monchhichi Mechandise❤
Wow!!So cute❤Ceramic cups, little mirror, red pocket and pin with fruit style egg!! How can you resist the cuteness of Monchichi? *V* Let’s bring all back home!!
Jolly Shandy WOW Priced $3!
From 2018. Jan 18-24, VIP can enjoy WOW priced items from $3 !
Newest!【Korean Mixed Rice】
【Korean Mixed Rice】 A easy way to taste traditional Korean food. Sour and sweet sauce mixed with various ingreditens in a hot bowl. A delicious meal is ready to serve.
Warm Drink
Circle K offers you a wide range of warm drinks imported from Japan.
★Chese Xiao Lung Bao★
Newest!! We used to eat Xiao Lung Bao, now we give it a big difference by adding cheese into it. You should have a try.
★ Monchhichi Fresh Food★
So Cute~~~ Several Monchhichi Fresh Food with lovely packaging are available in Circle K. Yummy~~Let'sgo and try.
★New!! Bakery ★
During this winter season, we proudly introduce a new series of fresh bread to you. A warm bread served with a cup of hot coffee, a perfect choice for your breakfast.
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