Nov 17, 2018
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★Cup Noodles Festival★
Circle K brings you wide range of instant cup noodles and cup rice. Imported directly from Japan, Korea and Italy. Tender noodles with rich soup.Limited quantity while stock last.
There are three flavors: Custard, Sweet purple potato and Green Tea & Red Bean, soft and tasty. One more choices for your daily Grab n Go Breakfast or snack. $9.5 each
【Newest!!】DyDo CUTTEA
CUTTEA made of unique and delicious blend of all natural and organic herbs that work together to help you keep fit
Warm Drink
One of the best ways to deal with cold weather would be to enjoy a nice warm beverage.
Newest!!【Asian Style Mealbox 】
We proudly introduce two new Asian Style Mealboxes. “Green Curry Chicken with Rice in Thai Style” and “ Lemongrass Pork Chop with Rice in Vietnam Style”.
Soup Noodles
A brand new item in hot&in steam station, 【Soup Noodles with Beef ball and Fish Ball】. Delicious.