Sep 22, 2018
clear sky
Japanese shrimp potato chips
KOIKEYA PRIDE POTATO is the guanteed with high quality♥ Always launch show new flavors to provide customers with fresh feeling!! This shrimp potato chips≧▽≦taste so fresh~very crispy! It is my buddy while watching TV drama*V*
Just Drink
A new series is just arrvied in Circle K
CELSIUS - Fitness Drink
Drinking CELSIUS and then going into motion is double dipping, you’re accelerating the burn and the results are even faster =]
Good news~~ Brand new series of Packaged Bun is arriving Circle K. With enhanced formula and new bakery technique, bun is much softer and delicious.
Soup Noodles
A brand new item in hot&in steam station, 【Soup Noodles with Beef ball and Fish Ball】. Delicious.
BOC Visa Credit Card mobile payment promotion
From 3 Sept (07:00) to 30 Sept 2018 (23:59), tap to pay with BOC Visa Credit Card using your mobile to enjoy HK$10 off with purchase over HK$25* (Visa $5 off is included). *Terms and conditions apply.
Visa mobile payment promotion
From 28 Jun (7:00) to 30 Sept 2018 (23:59), tap to pay with Visa using your mobile to enjoy HK$5 off with net purchase over HK$25*. *Terms and conditions apply.
Yobick Yogurt Flaoured Drink
[To have a vibrant morning... first you have to drink...]For those sleepy students and workers, what you need is a bottle of Yobick Yogurt Flaoured Drink which is Convenience store exclusive!!It is silky and smooth~ The well balance between sweet and sour wake me up ~YEAH!