Oct 23, 2019
clear sky
Hoegaarden 0.0% Agrum
Wanna drinking beer without worrying about hangover or driving.【Hoegaarden 0.0% Agruma】0% Alcohol!! Taste of grapefruit and orange flavor. Must Try!
AlipayHK exclusive promotion
From now to 31Mar2019, use AlipayHK mobile application to pay and earn $5 Circle K E-Stamp Reward by collecting 3 E-Stamps ; Scan the "Quick Reward Code" everyday and redeem up to extra $3 Reward.
VITA Roselle, Mangosteen Juice Drink
Restore the unique taste of sweet mangosteen, and enhance the taste level with the refreshing tail of Luoshenhua 【Exclusive to Cirlce K】
Chill Beverage
Circle K has introduced from Korea a new and popular beverage category, with the comprising a choice of 8 products. The whole process is kept controlled at low temperature, including manufacture, shipment, and sale. By doing so, consumers are able to enjoy the best, freshest and most authentic taste of the beverage.
Coca Cola Mixer
Mixer drink is a must during Happy Hour!! In addition to classic soft drinks, Coca Cola also launch 4 flavours of mixer, which are smoky note, spicy note, herbal note and woody note. Your friends must be interested in them~Have fun!!
Coke X G.O.D. exclusive premium
Upon purchase any 2 Coca-Cola plastic bottles, you can + $69 to redeem 13’’ computer bag or + $99 to redeem long umbrella. (promotion period: 10Oct to 23Oct)
【Ice Cold Beer】
Circle K is holding an international Beer Festival, wide range of beer and alcoholic drinks originated from the world are available. .
Newest ★Cup Noodles★
Circle K brings you wide range of instant cup noodles. Imported directly from Japan. Tender noodles with rich soup.Limited quantity while stock last.
Fresh Bakery - 100% Japanese flour
New series of fresh bakery is introduced. It is made by 100% Japanese flour. Soft and taste nice. Let's enjoy these freshly baked bread everyday.