Aug 19, 2019
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Gift card Festival
Circle K launches a gift card festival in this summer, with a $10 Circle K cash coupon upon any purchase of gift card over $200.
Octopus Rebate Program
From 8Aug to 4Sept, use your Octopus for any public transport fare payment and retail spencing at Circle K on the same dat, you can enjoy 10% rebate on your spending at Cirlce K, up to a maximum of $50 during the promotion period.
Binggrae Lychee & Peach flavored milk drink
Binggrae Lychee & Peach flavored milk drink directly imported from Korea. A perfect blend of sweet lychee and hydrating peaches and a rich and fragrant milk! Bringing you fresh and fruity flavors is a perfect match!
Skippy Chocolate Ice Cream Bar
Fans of Skippy peanut butter are blessed! [Skippy Peanut Chocolate Ice Cream Bar] The outer layer is peanut chocolate crispy, and the peanut flavored ice cream with Skippy peanut butter is added to make the taste more rich. It is worth a try!
Apart from current Custard and Chocolate flavors, there is a new caramel coming up. Waffle is soft and tasty. One more choices for your daily Grab and Go Breakfast or snack.
★UFO Pocket夾心飛碟★
From 15 Aug (7am) to 21 Aug 2019, OK Stamp IT VIP can enjoy $6 to buy the three new flavors of 【UFO Pocket】.