Jul 11, 2020
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Let's party!! Crispy time!!
Crispy confectionery is the must of a party!!My recommendation is gaint black sugar pop corn~lovely!!
From 1July to 31July 2020, use AlipayHK mobile application to pay and earn $5 E-Stamp Reward by collecting 3 E-Stamps ; Scan the "Quick Reward Code" everyday and redeem up to extra $3 Reward.
M&M’s ★ Snickers ice cream
Good news for chocolate ice cream fans! OK introduces 3 new American direct delivery M&M’s ice cream with Snickers~ accompany you to celebrate the summer! ★M&M’s cookie sandwich ice cream ★M&M’s ice cream cone ★ Snickers ice cream cone~
Newest-Korean & Japanese Ice cream
Newest-Korean & Japanese Ice cream - SEOJU Strawberry yogurt ice bar & Meji Ice cream cup
Newest!【HK Style - Fresh Mlik Tea】
hot & in Fresh Milk Tea is silky and smooth. Made in HK and no preservative added. You can enjoy quality HK style fresh milk tea anytime and anywhere.
SAPPORO Umeshu with fruit
Refreshing plum wine mix with fruity grapefruit and peach. So refreshing ~
Newest!! Acecook cup noodles
Circle K brings you a wide range of instant cup noodles. Imported directly from Japan. Tender noodles with rich soup. Limited quantity while stock lasts.
16℃ Cool Drink
In order fullfil customers' need, Circle K extend choices on beverage selection. You can find 16℃ Cool Drink now =]
Newest【Wonton Noodles】
「Wonton Noodles with soup」is arrived at hot & in steam counter of Circle K. A simple Chinese classic dumpling delight, you may enjoy this authentic taste at $22up
Newest【Simply Great Submarine】$23
A brand new hero item 「Simply Great Submarine」is arrived at Circle K. Abundant fillings with soft bread. 9 inch in length. Beef and Pork, just pick your favorite flavor. $23 each.