Jan 15, 2021
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Red Hot Price!
Let's go to Circle K to enjoy RED HOT PRICE offers~There are many choices and value for money~
Cestbon Popcorn
The brand name [Cestbon] is in French: it is so beautiful and artistic!Using imported corn grains that are not genetically modified, and hand-stir-fried, it is crispy~
Take-Home Food
Don’t wanna order take-away food but have a nice and fast cooking by yourself? Imported by Japan - HACHI LAB Beef / Chicken Spicy Curry is a perfect match with rice~
Double Dutch Beverage
Double Dutch is made entirely in the UK with no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. The drinks are also low in calories and only use natural sweeteners.
Be Happy Always 2021
Fuel the 2021 with Japan direct imported Beverage!
★New!! Super Soft Sandwich★
" Taro and Salted Egg Paste”, our new flavor in Super Soft Sandwich. You can enjoy creamy Taro and Salted Egg paste in one bite. So delicious~~
Popular warm drink is ready for you!
The weather is getting colder. Circle K has already selected a series of popular warm drinks for you, including coffee, chocolate and corn soup!
Newest【Hoggy’s Apple Cider 】
Strong aroma of fresh apple with a balanced mixture of sweet and sour taste. Two flavors are available, Apple Paradise and Pear Heaven. An alternative of beer. Ideal for ladies.
Newest!! Japanese cup noodles
Circle K brings you a wide range of instant cup noodles. Imported directly from Japan. Tender noodles with rich soup. Limited quantity while stock lasts.
OK Exclusive - Craft Beer
Using coconut from Yan Chim Kee to make 2 beers. Coconut Peanut Stout and Coconut Pandan Pale Ale to showcase the innovative use of coconut and skills of brewing.