May 28, 2023
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16°C drink cabinet lucky draw
Don't miss out on the fun! Try our "16°C drink cabinet" lucky draw and play for free every play. Play now for a chance to win a Dyson hair styler.
CHIIKAWA illustration magnet
Super cute!! Healing cartoon CHIIKAWA is here! A full set of 21 styles~illustration magnet with soft color design, looking at them makes you feel better!
Take a break
Circle K has imported new products from Japan and Korea. Let's take a sip of coffee and cheer for yourself in your busy life~
Lotte GooGoo Icecream bar
The outer layer wraps the chocolate crispy skin, and the top is sprinkled with crispy peanuts to add a rich taste, with chocolate and marshmallow ice cream sandwich, double taste ~
Mochi icecream
Soybean flour ice cream with black honey sauce, topped with soft mochi made from glutinous rice from Saga Prefecture~
IF Exotic Summer Beverage
Fresh & fruity taste. Enhanced mouthfeel with Aloe Vera. Perfect for summer drink
【Vegetable Orange Flavor/Purple Vegetable Grape Flavor Jelly】 Made with KAGOME healthy vegetable juice blend, the taste is refreshing, and it is more delicious after refrigerated!!
【OK exclusive】Young Master TRIPLE IPA
10% alcohol plus smooth texture, it is a triple IPA tailor-made for strong beer lovers who addicted to intense hops.
Japanese Bakery
A new range of Japanese Bakery is launched. There are 4 favors available. To taste the high-quality craftmanship from Japan, simply visit HK Circle K. 
【Brioche Sandwich布里歐三文治】
Circle K brings you a French romantic breakfast. Brioche is soft and rich in butter, serving with various ingredients to become a tempting sandwich.