Jun 06, 2020
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Shake Shake Lucky Draw
From 21May 2020 till 17June 2020 ,OK Stamp It VIP can get a chance of Shake Shake lucky star lucky draw with every $20 purchase for winning Netflix one year subscription .
Korean ice cream
[Skippy Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich] Extra thick peanut butter ice cream sandwiches, with full portions and bites~ soft, fragrant, smooth, triple flavor, in one CAKE! [SEOJU Watermelon Flavor/Grape Flavor Popsicle] -Summer fruity chilly ice, super FRESH!
Pols ice cream
OK exclusively introduces Pols ~ 3 products from the classic ice cream brand that is well-known in the Nordic family to you! # NewestLatest ~ Classic Vanilla Ice Cream Cup / Cookie Crispy / Chocolate Crispy Ice Cream Waffle Bars are all natural in taste and rich in milk! The original taste is not easy! The classic in the classic!
ORIHIRO health supplement
Replenish healthy nutrition anytime, anywhere, suitable for busy and health-conscious urbanite~
The delicious Konjac with sweet juice. A small package is enough to satiate the stomach ~ Plum flavor and salt flavor Litchi flavor Konjac gel is limited in season, let's try!!!
Izakaya - Japanese Wine/ Sake
Apart from Beer, you can also try new Japanese Wine/ sake products
Izakaya - Confectionery snack
Circle K is transformed into a Japanese izakaya. You can find a wide range of Japanese dry seafood snacks and crispy snacks. Yummy~
Newest! Red Dragon Fruit Apple Juice
New flavor "Red Dragon Fruit Apple Juice" is available in Circle K. Refreshing and sweet, you can't resist to taste it twice. 。100% Nature 。No Add preservative。Made in HK.
Newest!【D24 Durian Cream Bomb】
Good news to all Durian fans~ Fillings of D24 Durian Cream Bomb is sourced from Malaysia’s D24 Durian , then mix it with New Zealand cream to make it rich and silky cream. Price: $8/ea
16℃ Cool Drink
In order fullfil customers' need, Circle K extend choices on beverage selection. You can find 16℃ Cool Drink now =]