Dec 10, 2023
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ShopEasy Disney Products
ShopEasy offers a wide range of popular products and gift sets for you to choose from. After purchasing your gifts, you can even select an electronic Christmas card and send it directly to your friends along with a gift QR code. It's convenient and heartwarming!
Kakao Friends
This Christmas, ShopEasy has curated a wide selection of popular products for everyone. Now, by accessing the ShopEasy through the OK Stamp IT App, you can conveniently purchase all your Christmas gifts without leaving your home.
TIROL Assorted Chocolate
There are 7 classic flavors of chocolate in one bag, including milk chocolate, strawberry chocolate and coffee chocolate, etc. suitable for sharing.
OK Exclusive
The Global Payments VISA Spy Home Wine Prepaid Card is $188 each with $100 stored value and can be used instantly with no waiting time once successfully activated on the app. You can use this prepaid card to make purchases at any merchant that accepts VISA, whether in Hong Kong or overseas, and enjoy a convenient and secure payment experience.
Popular warm drink is ready for you!*
The weather is getting colder. Circle K has already selected a series of popular warm drinks for you, including coffee, chocolate and corn soup!
Kirby cute cookie charms
The Kirby cute charms - In addition to the different forms of Kirby from the Left Star, there are also characters such as Waddle , King Dedede, Meta Knight!
Mochi Truffe
Chewy mochi with thick black chocolate sauce, the piece of chocolate is covered with slightly bitter cocoa powder and has multiple tastes.
SPY×FAMILY collection
SPY×FAMILY ANAY in 3 different looks, super cute! the pet dog Bond and a group of classmate dolls, which are worth collecting~
Let's Chill
Let you experience the flavors of the world in a cup of beverage ~ Circle K brings you a variety of flavors to choose from, from American to Thai, from tea to juice, each one has its own unique characteristics. Whether you are working in the office or in your leisure time, you can find a moment of relaxation and enjoyment~.
Taihubrewing Craft Beer
Circle K brings you a well-known Taiwanese craft beer brand, Taihubrewing. Their 9.99% high alcoholic series is their most famous series.