Sep 16, 2021
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Ginger milk ice bar
Another classic dessert ginger milk has turned into ice bars! It is a good match with the fragrant milk flavor, this combination is a perfect match~
Both the donut and the Belgian waffle are made of Japanese ingredients, which are the great choices for afternoon tea, with cup of authentic UCC coffee is the best match!
OK | Sumikko gurashi
From 5/8 07:00 to 22/9, OK STAMP IT VIP purchases $20 can get 1 e-stamp. Let's collect e-stamps and bring all the Sumikko gurashi [Enjoy your Relaxing Time] premiums home.
OK Stamp It membership
"OK Stamp It" not only facilitates customers to earn eStamp, but also provides a series of exclusive offer.“OK Stamp It “member can earn/redeem rewards with AlipayHK.
New Grape flavor!
Grape-flavored Extra Crispy Soft Heart Sugar-free Fragrant Chewy Beads~ The outer skin is crispy, the inner layer is soft and juicy, and the Juicy feels perfect!!
Sweet Deluxe
Newly launched the Sweet Deluxe Japanese high-quality dessert series, bringing the casual feel of Japanese-style dessert CAFÉ, which is beloved by Japanese girls.
Exclusive at Circle K!
[Kowloon Dairy Tofu and Sesame Mochi Ice] Tofu ice cream and sesame mochi, the taste is superb, it is worth to try~
Newest! Japanese Alcoholic Drinks
A range of Japanese Ume alcoholic drinks are available at Circle K . The sour and sweet taste are so tempting. These two items are particularly well known.
Newest!【UFO Pocket – KIT KAT®】
A brand new flavor is adding to our hottest UFO Pocket series. Sandwich with Kit Kat wafer paste filling, sweet and crunchy~~ You’d love it~
School Day with Healthy Breakfast
Let us introduce two new member of Super Soft Sandwich for coming summer. 【Avocado Salad with Egg】& 【Cheese and Turkey】 . Colourful and delicious sandwich.