Sep 25, 2023
clear sky
Circle K pre-launch
This is really my childhood memory~When you take a bite, you will find the crispy chocolate wrapped in the smooth vanilla/taro ice cream. It tastes great!
FW Gundam chewing gum
It is a special edition that contains 6 units painted based on the theme of "FW GUNDAM CONVERGE OPERATION JABURO".
Pokemon Chewing Gum
[Lotte Pokemon Xylitol Soda Flavored Chewing Gum]Fresh soda flavor, containing xylitol, characterized by rich and chewy texture~
Kinder Joy-Natoons
Natoons is a collection of animal toys developed by Kinder. With the Natoons collection, your child can learn about animals while playing with the physical toy.
ASAHI Energy Bar
Each bar contains 15 grams of protein. It is a healthy snack and meal replacement option, and is also suitable for replenishing energy after exercise~
Eat Good Feel Good
Fuel your health goals with healthy snacks and drinks! They can satisfy your cravings while keeping a healthy weight. Let’s Eat Good Feel Good!
Puff pastry butter bread
Circle K brings you "Puff pastry butter bread". it is kind of Danish toast, soft texture and rich in butter. You can even enjoy it layer by layer.
Nescafe Smoovblack
Made with selected coffee beans. Low sugar, no calories. Crisp and refreshing taste with butty and earthy flavors.
【Bagel Sandwich】
A brand new series of Bagel Sandwich definitely make your tummy happy~ Our Bagel is delicious and chewy, served with different fillings. It’s fantastic!