Jan 27, 2020
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Hokkaido Cream Puff
[Imported from Japan]Hokkaido Cream Puff; there are two flavours- Hokkaido milk & GreenTea with Red bean. the cripsy puff match with creamy icecream, yummy!!
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Kakao Friends Cookies
"little Ryan" and "little Apeach" bring us two adorable tin cookies for CNY gifting. Kakao Friends fans pls join us and bring them home~~~
Newest!! DYDO X PIERRE HERMÉ chocolate coffee
Collaborated with world-class French dessert brand PIERRE HERMÉ. Using refreshing Brazilian coffee beans and fragrant Ecuadorian cocoa beans. Enjoy your leisure time~
Yobick pineapple yogurt drink
[Japanese brand]Yobick pineapple yogurt flavoured drink is so fresh! Both adult and children will surely love it~let’s start a good day with it!Yeah!
Newest! SUMO Sandwich
A new member of SUMO Sandwich - Japanese Chicken and Egg. Juicy chicken with crushed egg and crispy lettuce. So delicious~
Newest!!【Lemon Honey Chicken Leg】❤
A new memeber joins our chicken leg series, 【Lemon Honey Chicken Leg】. Still tender and juicy after reheating !!! So yummy!
Newest‼【French-style cream mushroom soup】
Do you want to have a bowl of hot soup in cold weather? Try our brand new French-style cream mushroom soup! Imported from French! Give you a warm winter!